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About Us

Well, how can we put this? Batyana Boutique, in a broader sense, is the product of fate, hard work, and the visions of knowledge loving & internet savvy women born & raised in the suburbs of New York & New Jersey - a stone's throw from one of the BIGGEST fashion capitals of the world, New York City of course!

However, our inspiration is drawn not only from the fashion capitals, but from each and every corner of a wonderfully diverse world that we've seen in our collective world travels. We are inspired by culture, philosophy, knowledge, and a passion to discover and share the true beauty that surrounds us, as well as the beauty we have yet to know. This is a vision that we try to uphold when we fill our online boutique with looks that appeal to not just ONE region, person or culture, but to the world as a whole!

In essence, Batyana Boutique is an online clothing store for all women who share our vision, and our same thirst for passion, knowledge and culture to broaden their horizons & help give flight to their dreams!

At Batyana you can find anywhere from designer & celebrity style clothing to cute little pieces you’d probably never see inside your local Macy’s or Bloomingdale’s. We choose pieces we know you’ll love to wear, that appeal to the person who you are, and to the person that you have yet to become.

Our styles are eclectic and diverse, and are chosen carefully for women who revel in the beauty of their unique nature- for brave& bold beauties that are not afraid to let their spirit venture into new and exciting styles+tastes!