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Looks We're Loving This Fall At Batyana

Although we've all been trying to hold on to Summer for dear life--it's probably time we woke up & smelled the pumpkin spice.
Here in NY, October hit us like a wrecking ball, and by wrecking ball we mean Hurricane Joaquin totally killing our wear-shorts-and-boots vibe. Alas! We at Batyana stay resilient, and have bravely (and stylishly) endured the narsty weather-with a little help from red wine & online shopping of course! (Disclaimer: Do not try that at home or unsupervised..unless you're at, then it's totally ok.)
So what's in store for our cute little boutique this season? We invite you to check it out! Our Autumn Equinox collections feature cozy, elegant cardigans, paisley dusters, maxi dresses & so much more--we're absolutely confident you'll find at least one piece you'll fall in love with.
And the best part? It's ALL 60% OFF! This is because if you've had any time to read our last blog post or 'about us', you'll know that Batyana has been undergoing MAJOR (hold the LAZER) renovations. From our aesthetic, website layout, & general look, feel + vibe, Batyana has come a very long way since its humble & very chic beginnings.
We're striving to keep the chic alive, but we're taking Batyana on a ride all over the globe, expanding our merchandise & our partnerships to retailers from Guatemala to Australia to Japan & back again; starting with #NYFW15 at the Capsule Show this Fall where we got to meet awesome and super inspiring shops + designers. 
This will all be unveiled in the months & seasons to hang tight & definitely keep your eyes peeled and twitter feeds refreshed for the exciting new changes the seasons will bring.
For now, here's a look at the styles that are inspiring us this Fall of 2015: