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White Lace Dresses - Late-Summer/Early Fall
Lace Love Dress Update

We absolutely adore White Lace this season's Hot Trend. We are in the Summer of Lace Love!Please enjoy our picks from Jolly Chic's line which are just Midsummer Night Dreamy! Turn Down Collar Single Breasted Lace Dress  Lace Patch Loose Aline White  Dress Reworked Embroidery O Neck Dress With Camisole Sweet Style Peter Pan Collar Mini Dress Half Sleeve Lace Embroidery Solid Aline Dress With Camisole Hollow Out Wave Hem Mini Dress With Camisole SaveSave

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Looks We're Loving This Fall At Batyana

Although we've all been trying to hold on to Summer for dear life--it's probably time we woke up & smelled the pumpkin spice. Here in NY, October hit us like a wrecking ball, and by wrecking ball we mean Hurricane Joaquin totally killing our wear-shorts-and-boots vibe. Alas! We at Batyana stay resilient, and have bravely (and stylishly) endured the narsty weather-with a little help from red wine & online shopping of course! (Disclaimer: Do not try that at home or unsupervised..unless you're at, then it's totally ok.) So what's in store for our cute little boutique this season? We invite you to check it out! Our Autumn Equinox collections feature cozy, elegant cardigans, paisley dusters, maxi dresses & so much more--we're...

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Welcome to the *New* Batyana Boutique

Welcome to Batyana Boutique. We've been around for a while but until now we have been seeking out our latest identity. It's about change and being unique and ahead of the fashion curve. We embrace the idea that the way we dress is an extension of ourselves--our life philosophy, our view of the world and even those around it. Since our inception in 2005 has existed in various forms but today August 1, 2015 signifies the rebirth of as an eclectic, upscale designer shop specializing in those hipster, ethnic styles you love so much. Please shop our store and find the unique pieces that you identify with for your signature look!

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